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The boot that fits perfectly to your foot after molding with the traditional oven method or the new Maple Hot Water Molding technology.
The Hot Water Molding technology is a new breakthrough in the ice skate world. This technology ensures that your boots easily and better form to your feet, without losing strength after cooling. Only mold your boots by a authorized Maple Dealer.

The Barefoot technology provides additional comfort. The anatomic shaped boot is equipped with a smooth inside lining to ensure a perfect fit without bumps. The shoe is made up of carbon and fiber glass.

Rigidity index : Extra rigid

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This boot will fit perfectly to your foot after a traditional baking process or with Maple’s new hot water molding technology. Hot water casting technology is an innovation in the world of speed skating. This technology ensures instant comfort without loss of strength after traditional cooling. Only an authorized Maple retailer can mold them.

The technology “barefoot” provides additional comfort. The anatomical shape of the boot plus a cushioned lining gives you a flawless fit without deformations. The hull is made of carbon and fiberglass.
Stiffness Index: Extra Rigid